Additional Training Sessions


Karol Bilecki

Motor skills preparation coach, personal trainer. He began practicing karate at the age of eight, and since then, he has continuously excelled in various sports disciplines, seeking and accumulating experiences from different training approaches and research. His passions were martial arts and climbing. After an injury, he turned to functional training, seeking the best rehabilitation methods and techniques to prevent injuries by strengthening specific muscle groups, working on mobility, and relaxation.
He has successfully trained athletes and enthusiasts for several years.


For all classes, please enroll directly with coach Karol.
tel: 880 165 653

Functional and Strength Training

Alternative days and times are possible if groups are formed.

Mobility and Stretching Classes

Classes will start once a group is formed.

Personal Training

Price 180zł* 1h

* Discounts available for customers with active temporary passes (e.g., 30-day, 90-day) and/or customers participating in climbing sections at CRUX.

Strength Training

Safe and proper exercise execution, eliminating overloads, quicker training results, high motivation for achieving your maximum potential, consistent workout routine.

Classes for people who are climbers and want to motivate themselves for additional strength training, as well as for those for whom this will be their fundamental training.

The classes are designed so that everyone can participate. From complete beginners to more advanced individuals. The exercise difficulty will be adjusted to the trainee’s capabilities. Therefore, you can easily attend even if you’ve never done a pull-up or, conversely, if you can already do pull-ups with an additional 30 kg. In both cases, I will provide you with a challenge.

NOTE: Those who do front lever, one-arm pull-ups, and flag exercises do not need to attend the classes.

We will place great emphasis on the correct execution of exercises. Incorrect exercise execution can lead to overloads, which in turn can result in injuries or less effective training outcomes.

We will work on strength (not mass; we will also not focus on muscle definition, although it will be a side effect). Strength is one of the fundamental characteristics of every individual. It enables us to walk, stand, sit, climb, and run. To perform any movement, some degree of strength is needed to initiate body or weight motion. The more strength we have, the greater our potential for movement. For example, the more weight we can lift during pull-ups, the easier it is to climb routes where leg use is limited.

Building strength is beneficial for everyone. Climbing engages many muscle groups that correct posture issues and have a positive impact on the entire body. During the classes, we will address the elements that aid climbing and contribute to overall strengthening.

If you’re a climber, attending these classes will yield progress on the rocks. It will become easier to twist, navigate overhangs, hold on in roof sections, and all other climbing-related aspects will become smoother..

Functional Training

Work on stability and mobility, overall body strengthening, strength elements, balance, and increasing range of motion.

This is a training program designed to prepare us for what we usually engage in. It aims to ensure that we perform certain activities without pain, limitations, or asymmetry. For climbers, for example, we will work on shoulder mobility, knee and hip stability. We will eliminate shoulder pain and enhance comfort during climbing.

Some people vividly illustrate a functional body by comparing it to Tarzan. He runs, jumps, swims, climbs – he does it all, not focusing on one thing. Consequently, his body can cope in any condition without complaining of back, hip, or knee pain. This training strengthens and prevents injuries.

Mobility Classes

Relaxation after workouts, learning how to use self-massage tools (e.g., balls and rollers), improving movement in movements like heel hooking, wide foot placement, and high stepping. Accelerated post-training recovery

During these sessions, we will focus on two elements. Mobility (range of motion) of joints and learning muscle relaxation through self-massage. We will use various balls, bars, rollers, and your own hands for this purpose. You’ll discover how to mobilize your own joints and learn techniques to accelerate post-training recovery and experience relaxation.

Thanks to these relatively short sessions (around 20-30 minutes), you’ll be able to reduce the risk of injuries and, in many cases, alleviate pain if you consistently perform the exercises and attend the sessions to work on new techniques. For most individuals, joint range of motion will also improve. All of this contributes to enhancing daily life.

Personal Training

Working on a specific problem or training path.

One-on-one training yields the fastest results. The trainer dedicates 100% of the time to you. If you want to become stronger, you will. If you wish to shed some weight, you will. Do you desire relief from back or headache pain, without wanting to engage in monotonous exercises prescribed by a therapist?

The sessions will be 100% dedicated to you. Whether you want to build strength, engage in functional training, alleviate pain, improve flexibility, increase mobility, lose weight, or design a suitable diet – the trainer has the time to tailor the right path for you.

Together, we will utilize various methods (choosing the ones best suited for you) to achieve the desired results. At Crux, available methods include calisthenics (bodyweight strength training), TRX, weightlifting, functional training FMS, medicine ball training, plyometric training, and gymnastic rings exercises..