About us

Who we are?

Crux Boulder

Crux Boulder is the largest bouldering wall in the center of Warsaw, located at 51 Hoża Street. We are situated on the first floor of the former Cheese Factory, nestled within a post-industrial space.

We’ve created a space where we wanted to train, relax, and gather with friends. We strive to provide the perfect conditions for bouldering, catering to both seasoned climbers and those who are just beginning their climbing journey.

Take a Look Around

Feel free to explore our facility through a virtual tour.

Why Crux Boulder

The Space

We have two separate climbing areas: the bouldering halls CX1 and CX2. You’ll discover a variety of climbing formations, from slabs and vertical walls to gentle overhangs and nearly horizontal roofs. A unique feature is our hydraulic wall, which can be adjusted smoothly for different inclinations.

Difficulty Levels

We rate boulders on Crux’s internal scale, ranging from X0 to X8, and we change formations at least twice a week. In a month, we set approximately 120 new climbing problems.



We have excellent facilities for strength training. Our equipment includes Beastmaker hangboards and a campus board with Woodpecker holds. Clients also have access to pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, free weights, Proud brand bench and rack, kettlebells, and more. 

We offer climbing sections and also provide supplementary training sessions. Entry sessions are not time-limited.


Rest and Relaxation

Crux is connected to a café, which is the perfect place to rejuvenate and socialize with friends. Enjoy a good cup of coffee and treat yourself to something sweet.


Exciting Happenings

Watch the recording from the recent Crux Open finals!